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Discover Cusmai products in our online shop, the result of traditional recipes, with the simplest ingredients, with a surprising taste.

Absolute quality of raw materials, seasonality, simplicity of recipes: the 3 rules at the base of each Cusmai product.

Intertwined with those of our olive trees are the roots of our lives. Our great-grandfather called them golden bells those olives that, awaited every spring, in autumn, with the first cold weather, were harvested and pressed, with difficulty, with pride.

Each Cusmai product has a simple story to tell. From seed to fruit, from pruning to fertilization, from the choice of fields to harvesting to processing, we work to keep its natural flavor intact to give you a taste of this happy land, Puglia, with every taste.

From Tomato sauce to Cherry tomatoes to our very tasty Vegetable sauce.

We follow her recipes, those of her grandmother Grazia. Few, simple and amazing ingredients.

Land of olives, Puglia. We have learned to preserve them and make them worthy of memorable aperitifs.

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